Network Marketing

Hi Friends,
I have been reading up on network marketing recently. Like it or not it's something that is catching up everywhere around the world.
Network marketing as a concept sounds really catchy. It is definitely marred by a lot of fraud companies coming up with schemes which are unsustainable. But on the other hand there are definitely some good companies who have implemented these schemes in a honest manner.
Looking around I have found a lot of information explaining network marketing schemes but without any real world explanations. Then there are a lot of blogs on network marketing material, but it seems to be too narrow in scope and a bit biased by author's viewpoints.
Hence, I am taking up an initiative to collect real world examples of people who have actually participated in such schemes and can give me details of those schemes. I hope to receive some information which is hopefully backed by conclusive evidence to the statement.
If you have been a part of any network marketing, whatever your experience – good or bad, short period or long, gainer or looser, joined a good scheme or a bad one send me an email to
Hopefully if I have enough good replies I can compile it all and put it up on the web so that everyone can benefit from the same.

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