Dadar To Kharghar

So, again it's that time of the year that Maharashtra wholeheartedly welcomes Lord Ganesha. Yesterday, my friends from VJTI planned to visit one of our friend's place at Kharghar since they are celebrating the festival at his place.
The journey began with 9 of us catching a Panvel bound bus from Dadar TT at 14:30 after I made my friends wait for a good half hour ":-P" and miss one bus by just about a minute. Since Dadar TT is the starting point for these State Transport(ST) buses we got an empty bus and could sit all together to enjoy the journey.
With the bus, our conversations started too. From movies to actresses to MBA preparations to college life. Then couple of good singers from our group started entertaining the whole bus with some nice Hindi and Marathi songs. Another couple of friends joined us at Chembur, after that the volume of singing went louder. We were the center of attraction of the whole bus. Many kinds of songs, ranging from old to new to happy to sad to peppy to slow to off beat.
To alleviate the peppy atmosphere in the bus, the weather was perfect neither heavy rains nor scorching sunlight. And the scenery along the way made a perfect companion, that cheer up anybody even in meanest of moods.
The whole journey was over in a short span of hour and quarter, but it was well worth it spending the time in joyous mood with friends. As they say "It's not the quantity, it's the quality that matters" ":-D" . It was definitely a high quality time with friends. So, we finally got off at the Kharghar highway, near ITM School Of Management and proceeded on our way to friend's house on foot. Joking and chatting all the way!
Definitely one of the days to remember and a great way to spend a weekend. Duh! Who needs rest on a weekend ":-)"

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