Earthquake Rocks Mumbai. Again!

Mumbai felt the tremors again on 17th September 2008 at around 3:15 a.m.
This is the second earthquake to rock Mumbai within last four months. The earthquake which shook the region today was much higher than the previous one, somewhere in June. It was not felt by many people as it occured in the middle of the night and there's been no extensive damage around my area.
Checking around the locality and with my friends, those awake definitely felt the tremble.
As per my guesses the earthquake should be higher than 5 on richter scale. Eerily it has already been predicted to occur today. Though the scale seems to be magnified, the accuracy of the timing and location, as well as the prediction of high intensity of the quake makes one wonder if it's just a co-incidence or is there some real sense behind the theory.
Keep a lookout for the newspaper in the morning for the intensity of the quake, the epicenter as well as the damage caused. Should get some bytes from a few people on their experiences of the quake in the media, today.
Will update the post with the details as and when they are revealed.

Magnitude of the quake was 4.7
Time when it occurred at the epicenter was 3:17 a.m. IST
The location of epicenter was 205 kms SSE of Mumbai.

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