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I am Mehul. I am a computer enthusiast. I love all the aspects of computers, be it hardware, software, legal, business. It’s such a vast and versatile field covering all kinds of arts and scienes.

My area of interest is more towards system and network administration. I am also a FOSS enthusiast. I love playing around with various linux distributions have also worked with FreeBSD a bit. I am no programmer or scripter but I still love fiddling around with CLI stuff.

You will find a lot of info on CLI apps, tips and tricks and some reviews. There will be GUI too, don’t worry 🙂

Hope you find my blog interesting. Please remember to add your comments, they are valuable feedback for me.

મૅહૂલ વૅદ

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  1. Raj

    I have a problem with booting ubuntu after I installed it. I get a grub rescue error.
    @Krazyfrog says you might know how to fix this. Can you help?


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