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My name is Mehul Ved. My areas of interest are technology, sports, and coffee. Here’s the chronological timeline about me and my interests:



1991-2001: St. Xavier’s High School


2001-2003: Jai Hind College

B.Com in Banking and Insurance

2003-2006: Jai Hind College




  • First brush with Linux. Started with Fedora Core and then moved to Slackware.
  • Got active in Linux and OSS section on Think Digit Forums, became a moderator of the section.


Joined ILUG-BOM and actively helped in organizing meetups.

FOSS Evangelist

July 2007- February 2008: NRC-FOSS VJTI Node, Mumbai

  • Managing and supporting a FOSS LAB
  • Manage software and hardware on 30 clients and 1 server.
    • Central Storage using NFS and Samba.
    • Authentication using NIS
    • Local Debian repo using Apt-Cacher and Squid
  • Conduct educational workshops on FOSS technologies

Process Consultant & System Administrator

September 2008-July 2009: Progress Partners

  • Worked with clients on gathering their business processes and realigning them for better efficiency as per best practices in the industry.
  • Collaborating with ERP partners for correct flow of business processes in an ERP software (Accpac – for Sage)
  • Evaluation of alternate ERP software like OpenERP and OpenBravo
  • Maintain inhouse infrastructure:
    • IM: Jabber server
    • Email: Zimbra, Squirrelmail, Roundcubemail, Postfix
    • iCal server
    • WordPress website


July 2009-August 2010

  • Handled various consignment based projects for small businesses and startups
  • Installing and configuring system hardware and software, establishing and managing user accounts, upgrading software, and performing backup and recovery tasks
  • Troubleshooting system hardware and software.

Linux and WordPress System Administrator

August 2010-November 2011: OnlyGizmos

  • Responsible for installation, configuration, and management of WordPress sites
  • Introduced and deployed new features like live blogging, migration to WordPress multisite
  • Implemented caching and CDNs to improve website performance

August 2010-August 2011: IIT-Bombay

  • stall and configure Linux on ARM hardware targeted towards research and development for India’s first low cost tablet
  • Workshops to IIT lab assistants on git and software deployment for IIT virtual labs


December 2011-January 2013

  • Multiple WordPress customization projects.
  • System setup and configuration for SMEs
  • Worked on PoC for LinkStreak at Nexsales, which converted into a job offer.

System Administrator

February 2013-Present: Nexsales Solutions Private Limited

  • Developed PoC for Voicereach application in PHP as solo developer
  • Design, build and manage the infrastructure for Nexsales group of products
  • Automate infrastructure and software deployment tasks where possible
  • Conceptualize and setup selfserve build deploy and manage systems

Key Initiatives

  • Introduced Packer, Terraform and Ansible for quicker provisioning, faster deployments and consistent configuration. Created self service architecture to reduce dependency on me for all tasks. Implemented Monitoring using Stackdriver and monit/mmonit. Pushed for metric based performance testing for developers and metric driven reporting for management.
  • Held git workshops to improve team skillset and enable the team to collaborate better
  • Implemented secure password sharing to stop sharing of passwords over emails and shared excel sheets
  • Brought in consultants to improve the quality of work and speed up the learning process.
  • Brought in a culture of Friday knowledge sharing sessions to allow team to learn from each other


  • Guest Speaker at Rootconf 2017 (A community and conference on DevOps and cloud infrastructure.), Bangalore on Implementation of dynamic cloud infrastructure
  • Started and/or run various communities – Linux Users Group of Mumbai, Mumbai Javascript Meetup, Mumbai Python Users Group, Mumbai Technology Meetup, Mumbai Sea Swimmers




  • Started gymming, to lose weight


  • Participated in bodybuilding competition at Mafatlal Gym



  • Started cycling to work


  • Participated and finished the first ever BRM in India – BRM 200: Ride to Charoti


  • Started training with coach Miten Thakkar and participated in city-level races.



  • Participated and finished HMs – BNP and Hyderabad Marathon.


  • Participated and finished first FM at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, in 5:16 hours.


  • 2nd FM, improved timing to 4:22 hours at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.
  • Participated in Mumbai 12-hours Ultra. Logged in 77 km.


  • Improved FM best time to 4:00:18 at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon



  • Participated in first triathlon, Half Iron distance, at Hyderabad Triathlon. Finished in 7:56 hours


  • Ironman 70.3 Malaysia – 7:03 hours


  • Ironman 70.3 Hawaii – 6:34 hours


  • Ironman Malaysia – 15:50 hours


  • Goa Triathlon – 2:56:54. First sub-3 time at Olympic distance.



  • Won Mumbai round for World Aeropress Championship – India.
  • Lost to India-winner in the first round of National selection of World Aeropress Championship. Was the only non-professional to qualify for the national level.

Other Interests:

  • Been attempting to learn Salsa with a view to learning some basics of dancing and pick up a couple of dancing styles in the long run.

મૅહૂલ વૅદ

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  1. Raj

    I have a problem with booting ubuntu after I installed it. I get a grub rescue error.
    @Krazyfrog says you might know how to fix this. Can you help?


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