Mumbai Sports Calendar

What is this all about?

It is a calendar of sporting event in and around Mumbai. It isn’t a comprehensive calendar by any means.

FOOBAR event isn’t listed in the calendar, why?

If you know about any event that you come across but is not listed here, you can report it. The reporting mechanisms will be available soon.

Why aren’t events for my favourite sport or city listed here?

I won’t be maintaining Calendar for cities or sports that are beyond my capacity. If you are interested in it, you can speak to me. Youcan join as a collaborator for this calendar or I can help starting a new calendar.

Who maintains the calendar?

  1. Mehul Ved

How can I help in maintaining the calendar?

If you’re interesting in actively helping me maintain the calendar, do get in touch, I can assign rights to add events.

How can I add the calendar to my calendar?

This calendar has been maintained on awesome Google Calendar. You can add it in following ways:

  • If your calendar application supports iCal, which any calendar application worth its salt should support, you can add this link
  • If you prefer RSS feeds, you can use the following feed


[google-calendar-events id=”1″ type=”ajax”]

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