Food, Fun and Frolic – A Fantastic Friendship Day

I just had about 2 hours of nice sleep, after having been awake whole saturday night doing nothing fun. Then my friend called me up at around 12p.m.. My group of friends from VJTI were meeting up at our usual place near Ruia college.
I met them up at around 2 p.m.. We sat and chatted for the next one hour at the place discussing about what's going on with jobs and interviews scenario amoung ourselves. After that we decided to visit Baghdadi's, a small restaurant at Colaba known for it's non-veg food and serving size. So, after wasting another half an hour deciding mode of transport and destination to meet up at, me and another friend reached the place by bike while the rest of them took a train to CST, despite telling them to take one for Churchgate ":-(" .
Since we reached ultra fast on the bike, compared to the train, we decided to have some cold coffee (yummy) in the meanwhile. They delayed for too long so we finally decided to meet up at Gateway of India. There was a huge crowd, typical on sundays, with hardly any place to sit. Thankfully we found enough place for 10 of us to sit side by side near the wall facing the sea.
Here we spent a good amount of time chatting, joking and arguing. I kept getting angry with idiots dumping all kinds garbage in the water. Worst part was when a policeman took a seat taken from a tonga(a horse carriage for those who don't know the local name) and threw it in the water. This is a really apt example of how moronic some of our police are. Hopefully, an article on this incident a bit later.
We decided to chuck the plans for Baghdadi's as no one was that hungry. Rather, we decided to go to the terrace restaurant at Hotel Strand, which I had once visited a couple of years back with some building friends. It's a not-so expensive restaurant considering the locality and the reputation of hotels in the area. A pot of tea/coffee for 2-3 just costs Rs. 50. Besides we ordered some Cheese Garlic Bread and scrambled eggs, some cold coffee for those who didn't have pot coffee. The food was great but it was eclipsed by the view around the hotel. The stretch of Gateway of India spread in all it's grandeur, overlooking the majestic Arabian sea with dozens of boats going around in the sea. And it's even better when viewed at late evenings – with the setting sun, cold breeze and the darker skies blending nicely with the open air restaurant. Just splendid! It's a view to experience, especially with your other half ":-D" .
We spent our whole evening at Hotel Strand's restaurant. With just 4 of us left at 8:00p.m. we decided to finally pay a visit to Baghdadi's and let my friends try their delicious non-veg dishes for the first time. My friends ordered for a Chicken Fry and a roti while I settled for an Egg Masala and Veg. Biryani, as I am not fond of chicken.
We spent a whole of 7 hours hardly realising how fast the day passed by. An awesome and joyous day ended with a nice early sleep that I so needed to catch up with.

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