BarCampMumbai5 – The Experience, The Firsts

Sunday February 1 2009 was the day when BarCampMumbai 5 was held with the same old enthusiasm but at a whole new venue – VJTI College, Matunga. The camp was host to many firsts for the BCM as well as for me.

  1. First time BCM was held outside IIT-B.
  2. First BCM without any sponsorship. It was jokingly called as recession camp by a few of us.
  3. First time I had the responsibility of handling something on my own
  4. I took a first session at BarCamp
  5. First opportunity for me to live tweet from an event

Taking up a session was an awesome experience for me. I haven't spoken in front of a crowd since college days, when we used to have presentations in front of the class. And I am glad that I was able to speak better than I did at college. Also, the amount of response I received from the crowd was unexpected. I expected to have 3-4 people attending the session, so I decided to go for a BoF. But in the end had to adjust it to accommodate an audience of 15+.
There was a downside though, I almost attended no session at all throughout the whole BarCamp. The opportunity to meet up people and do something more than made up for it.
Icing on top of the cake was when some of us went to see the play -The Park, at Horniman Circle. It was a perfect way to end the nice day. Thank you Thakkar for informing about the play. My next blog post would be on the play. It was too awesome to not have it's own separate post.

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