Bye Bye Twitter, Bye Bye Facebook

Many people have been asking me as to why I quit twitter? And haven't got a proper reply from me. I do owe them a reply, and here it is.
I have been a bit prone to mood swings, and at the beginning of December when I started feeling low, I thought it was just one of those days. But, it went on happening for a couple of weeks with no solution in sight. And some of you on twitter may also have noticed me cribbing about some nonsense stuff. Twitter and Facebook were in a way contributing and making me feel worse. So, finally after pondering over the decision for 3-4 days I decided I will quit both Twitter and Facebook.
At the same time, I did not want to miss some of the amazing people I met on these sites. Thus, I decided I will back up my profile and keep it safe so I have it available if I ever decide to return. I know, I will be missing some of these people, I already do. But, I had to take that decision and stick with it.
I still don't know if I will ever return back to those websites or not. Thankfully, facebook allows me to deactivate my profile and preserves it. I have backed up my twitter 'Friends' too.

And as to my mood, I have had the most amazing week of my life, coincidently after quitting Twitter and Facebook – 3 days cycling trip to Pune and Panchgani, a close friends wedding, nice tweetup where I met lots of people. The time spent outdoors and in real life is just what I needed. It has given me a much needed high. And with some of my very good friends likely to meet me this month, I hope it will be just what I needed.

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